Our Next 4 Years

The following is an outline of my plan for “Our Next Four Years”. I am proud of our accomplishments and look forward to continuing moving our city forward. I ask for your assistance in helping me succeed in the following areas:







A. I will be persistent and work with real estate professionals to pursue programs that will encourage new residential development within the city and take advantage of the fair and marketable property values we have to offer.

B. I will continue to reach out and work with citizen groups to make sure that our zoning regulations meet the current and future needs of our city.

C. I will work to ensure that our building department is friendly, helpful and diligent to ensure that everyone has a positive building experience.

D. I will continue to work with our state and federal leadership to reduce the current elevations and find funds to assist in the support of commercial development along Coleman Ave. and Highway 90. It is so important for us to continue to grow our strong second or weekend home ownership base within the city. As you know, pre-Katrina, Waveland’s second home market was an asset to our community in many ways such as ad valorem, property, school and sales tax and supporting our local businesses. Many of our residents started as a weekend or part timer here in Waveland, fell in love with our community and never left. Since taking office, we have seen the housing market grow stronger and result in an increase value of our millage to over $64,000.00 per mill. There have been over 115 new homes completed exceeding over 40 million in new growth. These components are vital to building the foundation that will welcome businesses in years to come. Businesses invest where there are people; together we will continue to rebuild Waveland one home at a time.



A. Purchase additional police cars and equipment. This will not only increase public safety but also will reduce the cost of maintenance on our aging fleet.

B. Increase the use of our Cyber Crime Program to ensure the safety of our most vulnerable citizens – our young and our elderly.

C. Expand our ongoing neighborhood watch program which was revamped in 2017. This plan includes continuing with neighborhood meetings, increasing patrols, community signage and more interaction between our citizens and our police. I have added positions for additional police officers to the fiscal 2018 – 2019 budget allowing for increased patrols in neighborhoods as well as additional services to the public.


A. Assist in the continuing education of our fire department personnel to ensure they remain certified to support achieving the lowest insurance rates possible.

B. Hire more fire personnel as the growth of the city continues allowing for continued coverage of our citizens to protect life and property.

C. Utilize our fire personnel to teach fire safety and prevention in our schools and at public events.


A. Assist our Building Department to reduce our Community Rating System (CRS) back to a level 5. This was recently increased due to a change in the regulation manual and the way the points are scored. This will allow our flood insurance premiums to be reduced equal to pre-change levels.

B. Lead the team to work with the new coordinator position created by MEMA to assist in the CRS point reduction. This position was created to assist many communities along the coast facing the issues of the recent change in regulations.

C. Work with the Gulf Regional Planning Commission to assist in the production of a set of interactive maps that can increase early warning to citizens in low-lying areas.


A. Add additional personnel to Parks and Recreation.

B. Complete the Town Green on Coleman Avenue.

C. Pursue grant funding to construct a building to house “The Carousel” donated after Katrina.

D. Utilize Tidelands funds to increase beach parking on the waterside of Beach Blvd.

E. Continue to work with the Mississippi Development Authority to develop a façade program and grant application to assist in the rejuvenation of Highway 90.

F. Provide handicapped access across the beach down into the water adjacent to the Garfield Ladner Pier.

G. Construct a new children’s park along Avenue B so those citizens in the newest area of Waveland can enjoy the same amenities other neighborhoods.

H. Increase the budget to escalate and intensify the attention given to slabs that are no longer useable. Aggressively continue the process to clean up blighted properties throughout the city. I am proud to report that since taking office in 2014 over 350 blighted properties have been cleaned or demolished.


A. Utilize County Road and Bridge Fund to complete special projects and to continue phasing the citywide paving project started in 2014.

B. Continue using the City General Fund monies to match available grant funds to allow large projects for minimal local investment.

C. Use LPA grant monies to overlay Nicholson Avenue and provide walk/bike lanes on each side of the road allowing safe travels from the highway to the beach.

D. Utilize the grant funded sidewalk study to create shovel ready projects** and pursue funding to create walkability in all wards throughout the city.

E. Use the newly dedicated infrastructure money as match to increase expenditures on projects such as roads, ditches, water, sewer and sidewalks. If needed the new infrastructure money could be used as match money for grants or to payback bonding for a specific project. ** Shovel ready construction project (usually larger-scale infrastructure) is where plans are advanced enough that with sufficient funding, construction can begin within a very short time.


Now that we have spent the last four years rebuilding and bringing back a solid base of residents and increasing our mill value, we will diligently continue to work to develop our commercial corridor. I have been working over the past 2 years with the South Mississippi Planning and Development Group, State and Federal agencies to reduce or mitigate our elevations issues. This is a huge scientific process with a lot of governmental red tape; it is vital to redevelopment of Coleman Avenue and our other commercial corridors. The proposed Waveland Redevelopment Commission (WRC) will be a critical entity in pursuing new commercial ventures and promoting public-private partnerships between developers and the city. Mission Statement Promote private development, redevelopment and rehabilitation within our urban renewal areas to create jobs, increase tax revenue, and make our community self-sustaining with vital and vibrant commercial districts. Purpose The City of Waveland’s Redevelopment Commission (WRC) will be responsible for preparing and implementing plans, programs and projects that addresses community and economic development needs for the city. The WRC will provide support for existing and new businesses and build public-private investment partnerships to foster economic, cultural and social growth. Working under the guidance of the Mayor and Board of Alderman, the WRC will, through the use of federal, state and local programs and utilization of funding sources, promote economic development and future growth within the city. Please click on the tab on my home page to see the full outline of our economic development plan